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Mobile marketing is a fast, effective, inexpensive and cutting-edge marketing strategy, offering businesses a plethora of new ways to reach customers through the one thing they never leave home without: their mobile phone.  The main force behind mobile marketing is to have a mobile friendly website.

If you wonder if you have a mobile friendly websites ask yourself this – “When I click on an email that references a website and I land on that can I easily navigate the pages?”  Can you see the content without pinching the screen or zooming in larger?  These are some of the “key features” Google is using in their algorithm for search results.  Currently up to 50% of all local searches are done from smart phones and tablets.  Google is interested in maximizing the “end user experience”.  Simply shrinking your current website to a mobile site does not meet Google’s entire mobile website criteria.  Google has a checklist of features to consider when designing your mobile site, which we use when we design a mobile site.

For your Mobile Marketing campaign whether it centers around promoting a special deal, advertising a new product or service, informing customers of a business upgrade, or recruiting new members, there is no more effective way to reach the masses and incite a response than to implement mobile marketing methods.

If you are a business that is new to mobile marketing, you owe it to yourself to learn more.  Here are the main features and benefits of using mobile marketing:

  • You are able to create marketing campaigns on short notice and get them out to customers very quickly.  In turn, you see quicker turnaround times and higher coupon-to-customer conversion rates.
  • Mobile marketing puts you in consistent and direct contact with customers, enabling you to establish long-term relationships with them.
  • Mobile marketing ads can be saved and forwarded by customers who receive them, meaning you are able to reach a broader audience with no extra time, cost or effort on your part.

Statistics show that mobile marketing campaigns can offer ten percent greater returns than any other form of marketing there is and the average text message is opened within 5 minutes of receiving. That, alone, should be worth looking into.


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