Media Planning and Buying

Media Planning and Buying

At Oso Marketing we use our extensive media planning and buying experience to define and select the appropriate media channels to achieve your business objectives. This comprehensive process uses online and offline research tools and methodologies to understand your customer’s habits and motivations, and to evaluate the competition. We then use data on demographics and psychographics to build a strategic calendar of advertising activity that includes recommended daypart mixes, flighting, and GRP levels.

Every strategic media plan starts with a careful examination of a client’s overall marketing and communications goals. Ultimately, this knowledge will help us develop and implement the most cost-efficient media plan to support your brand and message. Based on the market and your goals we determine the most efficient media buy for our clients. Our buys may utilize a combination of buying tactics that include upfront, scatter, and remnant.

Oso Marketing media planning and buying services utilize any or all of the following media channels:

  • National Cable Television
  • National Broadcast Television
  • Local Broadcast TV
  • Local Cable TV
  • Network Radio
  • Local Radio
  • Digital/Online
  • Print- Newspaper
  • Print- Magazine
  • Out of Home (billboards, transit, etc.)

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