Social Media Dimension Quick Reference

Like all new technology, social media changes fast. Very fast.  Just trying to keep your head around all of the different platforms, how to approach them and, of course, how to design for them can be a full time job.  It would be nice if all of the platforms used the exact same dimensions and you could just swap photos between them all so that your brand has a nice consistent look across the board.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Social media has proven itself as a crucial component of a brand’s marketing mix, but with the many different platforms, it can be very difficult to put forth a consistent brand image online.

For that reason, have for you  ‘Social Media Dimension Quick Reference’.  It features all of the major design dimensions for all of the major platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIN, YouTube, Pinterest and the most recent entry, Instagram.

This will be constantly updated to make sure it contains only the latest and most accurate social media dimensions.

Since there is a lot of info in the below infographic, we have also provided a quick reference guide below for some of the most commonly used dimensions. Enjoy and get social!


Facebook Dimensions

  • Facebook Cover photo: 851 x 315
  • Facebook Profile photo: 180 x 180
  • Facebook Tab 111 x 74
  • Facebook Link Image 1200 x 627
  • Facebook Shared Image 1200 x 1200

Twitter Dimensions

  • Twitter Header image: 1500 x 500
  • Twitter Profile image: 400 x400
  • Twitter Shared Photo 1024 x 512
  • Twitter In-stream Photo Preview 220 x 440

Google+ Dimensions

  • Google+ Cover photo: 2120 x 1192
  • Google+ Profile photo: 250 x 250
  • Google+ Shared Images (minimum) 250 x 250

LinkedIN Dimensions

  • LinkedIN Banner image: 646 x 220
  • LinkedIN standard logo: 100 x 60
  • LinkedIn Square Logo 50 x 50
  • LinkedIn shared image size limit 100MB

Pinterest Dimensions

  • Pinterest Profile Photo: 600 x 600
  • Pinterest Board thumbail 222 x 150
  • Pinterest Pin 600 x infinite

Instagram Dimensions

  • Instagram Profile Photo: 161 x 161
  • Instagram Image View on desktop in lightbox 612 x 612
  • Instagram feed 510 x 510

YouTube Dimensions

  • Profile photo pulled from Google+
  • YouTube channel Art: 2560 x 1224
  • YouTube Custom Video Thumbnail: 1280 x 720


If you are having trouble viewing the INFOGRAPHIC, view as a PDF here.


Social Media Dimension Quick Reference

Infographic courtesy of Constant Contact.